Main Villains We Want to See in Wonder Woman 2

Wonder Woman’s reign at the US box office is likely to end this weekend, as Cars 3 is estimated to make around $50 million, which is enough to secure the Number One spot. But it's still one of the most talked-about superhero movies of this period. This is no surprise, since both fans and critics fell on the same side of the barricade and loved it.

Nonetheless, one of the few complaints about Wonder Woman was that it lacked a good antagonist. This is actually the case with many superhero movies, as directors choose to concentrate on the hero and overlook the antagonist.

The Wonder Woman sequel could change all that, and Patty Jenkins (here’s hoping that she’ll return) will have plenty of time to forge a better villain. Of course, we have some ideas for her - five villains she should use and five she should skip!