5 Best and 5 Worst Comic Book Movie Fight Scenes Part 2

Fight scenes: Most comic book movies have them, and most of them are at least decent. But what about the ends of the spectrum, the truly great ones and the mind-blisteringly terrible ones? Let’s take some time and look at those. Someone else here did their list some time ago, but here's a personal one.

Source: weminoredinfilm.wordpress.com

10. BEST: Nightcrawler vs. The White House

(X2: X-Men United)

Rad as hell.

I personally don’t feel that any of the X-Men movies before First Class hold up that well as a whole, but this X2: X-Men United sequence is an exception. This sequence friggin’ slays.

In it, Nightcrawler infiltrates the White House with the plan of killing the President, using his powers and physicality to beat every Secret Service agent in his way. This scene shows how dangerous mutants can actually be. Nightcrawler is an animalistic force of nature, all roundhouse kicks and sharp teeth and murderous eyes. And him just unpredictably warping around the room makes for one hell of an inventive action sequence.

It’s an all-timer, and one that stands out in your mind despite how short it is. Fan-freaking-tastic. In addition, it’s just satisfying to watch Nightcrawler in action. His demonic appearance makes him as frightening as he is engaging. Throughout the scene, you aren’t sure whether to root for him or not. It’s a great balance.