10 Weirdest DC Characters (M)

Welcome back to my little gallery of horrors that I like to do on this site. If you’re new, here’s how it works: I go through my collection of issues of Who’s Who (DC’s Handbook publication outlining all of their characters), and I pull out all the weirdest, most obscure characters and show them off to you, my beloved readers.

Source: pinterest.com

10. Matter-Eater Lad

And here we go, starting with the Legion of Superheroes, our favorite source of weirdos. And we start off with the strangest Legionnaire, outside of maybe Arm-Fall-Off Boy.

Tenzil Kern was a native of the planet Bismoll, where residents have a native superpower: They can eat anything! It sure is a superpower. Tenzil was a Legionnaire for a long while, actually, although he very rarely did anything of use. Eventually, he was called home to his world to operate as a senator.

Yes, Matter-Eater Lad was a politician. I don’t…why…ok, sure. But hey, Tenzil actually saved the world once!

When the evil Controllers unleashed the Miracle Machine upon the Earth, Matter-Eater Lad returned to the planet, and…ate it. Cool. Good for him. Unfortunately, eating an evil death machine had adverse side effects. It gave him indigestion. By which I mean, it drove him clinically insane. He was cured by Brainiac 5 and returned to Bismoll, where he wanted to run for planetary president.