10 Unanswered Questions About the MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe will be a decade old next year, and as with any multi-year spanning multi-chapter story, there are bound to be some loose ends. So here are some of those things that have been left hanging, forgotten, or otherwise ignored by the films at large. I tried to leave out questions that have been answered by tie-in comics or TV shows, as well as questions that are obviously going to be answered by future movies. So here we go!

Source: ign.com

10. Who is the real Mandarin?

Way the hell back in Iron Man, we were introduced to the Ten Rings, a terror cell operating out of Afghanistan.

Their most notable act was kidnapping Tony Stark and trying to force him to build a superweapon. But they screwed that up spectacularly, because they somehow let him build a suit of armor and escape. Like, come on, a suit of armor does not look like a missile system. If you aren’t gonna post a guard with the prisoner, at least put a nanny-cam in there. But anyway, the Ten Rings were a pretty obvious callout to noted Iron Man villain The Mandarin.

And when Iron Man 3 rolled around, we finally got to meet him...except it wasn’t really him. In a brilliant red herring move, the easy-to-blame specter of foreign terrorism Mandarin was just a figurehead, set up to protect Aldritch Killian, the real mastermind. But in the All Hail the King one-shot, we find out that there is in fact a real Mandarin. He's the head of the Ten Rings, and he's displeased about having his name dragged through the mud. While it’s pretty likely that we’ll never hear about this again, it’d be nice to get to see a real-deal Mandarin on screen.

Also, All Hail the King is genius, and if you haven’t seen it, what are you doing?