10 Spot-On Superhero Movie Casting Decisions

It seems that every other film you see today stars at least one actor who's appeared in a superhero film or two. The genre is so successful that it's understandable. What actor wouldn’t want to play Batman? What actor wouldn’t want to be a part of the fun and highly successful Marvel family? The superhero genre is more than just a launching pad; it enables actors to hone their acting chops.

Now and then, the studios make dubious casting decisions that the fans can't fathom. Whether it's about the actor's star power or it comes down to a poor bet on the part of a director, in some cases, a different performer would have been a better choice.

But there are others who perfectly embody of their characters, and we have a list of ten of them right here! Don’t worry, there's no mention of Robert Downey, Jr., who is basically a real-life Tony Stark.