10 Silver Age DC Properties Waiting For A Comeback

Source: polygon.com

9. Blackhawks

Supposedly, this one is getting turned into a Steven Spielberg movie but with DC’s track record of announcing projects and then drastically changing them, we don’t know for sure.

But the Blackhawks were a crack squad of aerial aces devoted to taking out Nazis with vicious air fire. Their super cool planes and awesome “Hawk-A!” battle cry made them stick out long enough to find a foothole in the memories of writers and audiences. That’s why, while you probably never heard of Cave Carson or the Sea Devils before right now, there’s a good chance you actually know who the Blackhawks are. They stuck around for a long time, with Lady Blackhawk eventually becoming a member of the Birds of Prey, but the majority of the team got forgotten and drifted off into to abyss.

During the New 52, there was an attempt to bring them back as more of a G.I. Joe strikeforce but that never really took off. Heh. “took off”, get it?