10 R-rated Comic Book Movies that Need to Happen

While plenty of R-rated comic book movies have been released throughout the decades, none of them managed to reach blockbuster status. Only a couple made over $400 million worldwide (300 and the surprise hit Kingsman: The Secret Service). Not even the highly entertaining and controversial Kick-Ass broke the $100 million mark.

But then Deadpool happened. It grossed $783 million worldwide, without even being released in China. This could have been considered a fluke, but Logan made $440 million worldwide in less than two weeks, proving that R-rated comic book movies really do work. And it proved something more: Those who enjoyed the PG-13 X-Men and Spider-Man trilogies of the 2000’s have matured, and they're interested in something other than what Marvel and Disney, for example, have to offer.

There are quite a few projects out there that are rumored to merit R ratings. And they should – a smaller budget means that the creative teams have more freedom to come up with compelling stories, as Logan did.

Which future comic book movies should be rated R? Well, check it out!