Wonder Woman: The Latest Revelations

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DC and Warner Bros. released the final trailer for Wonder Woman a couple of days ago. And, as virtually all of the trailers from this side of comic book movie universe do, it delivered. It also revealed quite a few new things about the DCEU character and about the movie itself.

Does this mean that there are no surprises left for the July 2 release? No, there are still quite a few unknowns, including what Ares will look like, how much time will actually be spent on Themyscira before Steve Trevor's arrival, what Diana's ancestry is, and so on and so forth.

Based on the Origin trailer, here’s what we do know about Wonder Woman. Of course, we’ll do some speculating, and you may want to look away if you don't want any spoilers. Check out the trailer below!

DCEU's Children

So far, Superman’s origin story in Man of Steel is the only DCEU origin story we’ve seen. While it appeared that Wonder Woman would just touch on the superheroine's origins, the new trailer revealed that quite a bit of time will be spent on Themyscira as we learn about Diana's childhood.

The final trailer is packed with these moments. We catch a few glimpses of young Diana as she learns about the her people’s history and her own. Journalists who visited the Wonder Woman set during shooting revealed that Zeus created the Amazons to protect the world from Ares.

The Amazons are immortal, so we don't know when these scenes take place. Is it before or after Darkseid first arrives on Earth? We don't know yet. However, we have learned that the Amazons' armory contains weapons so powerful that nobody can actually wield them - not even the Amazon Queen’s daughter Diana, who is destined to be the keeper of peace and not just another warrior.

The origins of Wonder Woman and Superman have been explored DCEU movies, so can we expect the same for Batman? After all, he is the final member of DC's Trinity.


From the various comic book iterations of Wonder Woman, we know that Diana strays away and doesn't care what destiny has in store for her. The same goes for the movie, as Godkiller, the weapon left by Zeus, ends up in Diana's possession (not the same sword used in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice).

The weapon is the only one capable of killing Ares, and can be wielded only by the fiercest of Amazons. So is it the DCEU’s Mjolnir? Does that mean that true power (and, thus, the ability to kill Ares) resides in the one who wields the sword, rather than in the sword itself? We don’t know.

However, we can assume that Diana takes the Godkiller only after she’s completed her training. Most likely, she knows that Ares is behind the War, and that only this sword can stop him. We’re certain only that surprises will happen, and we believe that the Godkiller is not just an enchanted sword, but one whose true power can be revealed only by Diana.

The Training

After viewing the final Wonder Woman trailer, we’re left wondering, Who is Diana, after all? The previous trailers revealed that she’s Zeus’ daughter. However, her origin may still be a mystery, especially since she wasn't supposed to know who she really was. So we may be in for a big surprise.

Some may be a bit let down if it turns out that Diana is just Zeus’ offspring (after all, he must have quite a few), even though her other parent is the Queen of the Amazons. However, if her other origin story from the comics is preserved, she would be truly unique.

And Diana deserves it.

She trains harder. She fights harder. And, when she has her back against the wall, she discovers new powers within herself. As it turns out, her bracelets aren't magical until she channels her will into them (the look on her face reveals this, so this may also apply to the Godkiller). So the movie may use her accessories to channel her true powers.

At one point in the comics, the bracelets were useful in the sense that they helped her control her demigod powers. This may also be the case with the movie, with a twist from director Patty Jenkins.

Damsel in Distress? Not with Wonder Woman!

In the DCEU, it’s always the women who need help, and Lois Lane in both Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is the best example. But Wonder Woman has reversed those roles, and she is the one doing the saving.

She saves Steve Trevor, who becomes stranded on Themyscira after his mission doesn't go according to plan. Sure, his enemies follow, but they can't really compete against the Amazons (although we do believe that at least one powerful Amazons dies during the fight).

Diana serves as Steve’s protector more than once during the movie. Will they become romantically involved? It could happen, as it did in the comics. We doubt it, however, given Diana's way of thinking. And from this point of view, the Wonder Woman trailers are amazing, because they manage to squeeze in so much symbolism into just a couple of minutes of footage. Just look at the Amazons' thrones.

What we can be certain of is that this relationship – this clash between mentalities – will create drama (Diana very clearly telling Steve that she'll do what she believes to be best), as well as some good comedy (the secretary/slave scene).

Robin Wright's General Antiope

She's a badass! She's a total badass! Antiope is the Queen’s most trusted sister, and her most lethal lieutenant. She may also Themyscira’s third woman in power. We’ve seen that the throne room contains three actual thrones: for Hippolyta, Diana, and presumably Antiope.

We wouldn't mention her if she hadn’t become a fan favorite after just a couple of clips. In this latest trailer, she’s seen shooting three arrows against a mere human. So she’s skilled with a bow or a sword, and she’s an exceptional fighter/trainer.

She’s too good to be true, right? Well, some speculate that she might become infatuated with Ares and turn evil. If that happens, her skills would make her a terrific foe.

Since she’s one of the most powerful Amazons, she could also be the one who dies in the first battle, especially if Ares decides to visit Themyscira. But this is just speculation. Nonetheless, Antiope is a total badass.

Danny Huston's Ludendorff

At one point, we thought that Danny Huston would take on the role of Ares, but he’s portraying a real-life German general who works closely with Doctor Poison, most likely in service to the God of War. But this is a superhero movie, and it was revealed that he is enhanced in some way. He’d have to be in order to fight Wonder Woman.

He doesn't want to end the war. We see a couple of shots of his base of operations, and his men couldn't care less about the German/Ally armistice. This makes even more sense if Ludendorff is acting according to Ares' will.

A scene from the 15-minute journalist preview revealed that Danny Huston's character inhales something that makes him more powerful. And he needs it; we couldn’t otherwise explain why Wonder Woman, with her training, needs all her might in order to defeat him. Everyone suspects that the gas he inhales must be a gift from Ares.


We know next to nothing about this character, and we’re glad that he wasn’t exposed in the final Wonder Woman trailer. However, multiple sources have said that David Thewlis will play this character, and that it will take CGI to bring him to life.

We’ve known for quite a while that the Harry Potter actor was involved in this movie, even though nothing about his character has been revealed. None of the trailers has shown his face.

There are two possibilities: He reveals himself as Ares to convince Danny Huston to do his will, or he simply manipulates him without telling him the truth. In the latter case, David Thewlis could play the most inconspicuous character until his reveal as the God of War.

This sounds pretty exciting to us. And you know what’s even more exciting? That we know nothing at all about this character!

The Fight Scenes

The one thing that can be said about the DCEU is that it hasn't disappointed as far as fight scenes are concerned. Even scenes that are too long and sometimes too tiresome are extremely well done. It appears that Wonder Woman is no exception. It remains to be seen whether cities will be mindlessly destroyed in this movie (not that we really have a great problem with this).

The Wonder Woman trailers are filled with memorable fight scenes, from the training montage, to the fight against nameless (but probably enhanced) German soldiers, to the fight against Ludendorff. Patty Jenkins feels right at home directing action movies.

But what’s even better is that these fights don't feel hollow. For example, breaking a rifle across her hips is both a testament to Wonder Woman's strength and a symbolic gesture. And this is great, many times over!

Wonder Woman's Weakness

We feel as though Wonder Woman comes from a shared universe other than the DCEU. And we’re not just talking about the lively colors. The movie has its humorous scenes, and they work, if the trailers are any indication.

The first laughs come during Diana's interaction with Steve. Then Lucy Davis' Etta Candy arrives, and she brings more laughs - in association with Diana, of course. In a way, Diana's social skills (or lack thereof) are the source of the humor, as seen when she compared working as a secretary with being a slave.

The origin trailer makes it obvious that she doesn't belong in Man's world, but was this a bit too much? Shouldn't she know how to use a rotating door while holding a sword and shield?

Wonder Woman's Powers

Wonder Woman is truly worthy of being a part of DC's Trinity. And, if this wasn't clear from the previous trailers, Wonder Woman can fly!

But first of all, her powers are bestowed by Zeus (whether she is his daughter or he gave her life), so she is much more physically powerful than the other Amazons. The Origin trailer clearly revealed that she’s able to channel energy through her armor and bracelets (and was that lightning at the end of the clip?)

And she has the Godkiller, the only weapon that can kill Ares. Furthermore, she has the Lasso of Truth, which could be even more useful than the sword. The last trailer revealed that her shield is also a weapon when she needs it to be (in the same way that Captain America uses his shield).

And she flies!

Why? To preserve everything that is good in the world and make the DCEU a better shared universe!

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