10 of the Best Comic Book Movie Costumes

One of the first signs that a comic book movie will be a hit with fans is how it presents its heroes and villains, specifically their physical appearance and the costumes that make them so recognizable.

In some cases, it simply doesn't work to just stick with a character’s original look, especially if the studio is aiming for a more realistic look. As an example, compare 2002’s Green Goblin with 2014's version. In other cases, there's no excuse for changing or adapting an iconic comic book costume for the big screen.

Thankfully, there are plenty of instances when the transition's made so smoothly that the character seems to jump straight off the comic book page. So check out our favorite comic book movie costumes, based on how faithful they remain to the source!

To make it easier, we’ll exclude CGI suits, so you won't find Iron Man, Green Lantern, or Doctor Manhattan here!