10 Great MCU Characters Who Are Actually Quite Flawed

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is full of great characters who rightfully earn the praise of critics and the adulation of fans. However, it's also had some absolute stinkers.

Malekith, Ronan, Whiplash, and "The Mandarin" are just some of the characters who have been panned by audiences for their lack of development, lack of similarities to the comic book versions, and sheer dullness.

However, some of the same problems that have been associated with the Marvel Cinematic Universe's "worst" characters actually apply to the more popular ones, as well. So why aren't they singled out for criticism, as well?

We don't like to criticize, but it's only fair that every character is treated with the same critical analysis as the next one, so we're going to prove that the characters who receive the best reviews have plenty of negative traits and characteristics as well. Here are ten great MCU characters who are actually quite flawed.


Spider-Man. Sources: Marvel Studios / Sony Pictures Spider-Man. Sources: Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures

Yes, we know it's too early to negatively judge Tom Holland's Spider-Man, given that we've only seen a few seconds of him in one of the Captain America: Civil War trailers, but the fact that we're already considering him to be "great" based on that (he IS going to be, let's be honest) should obviously be seen as a good thing!

That being said, there's already a very obvious flaw with his character design - see for yourself, below!

Spider-Man's eyes are a bit weird! Source: imgur user DarkSinister Spider-Man's eyes are a bit weird! Source: imgur user DarkSinister

When the eye holes on his high-tech mask narrow, the fact is that they're completely misplaced! Tom Holland's Peter Parker would have to have a seriously deformed face to be able to see out of them! A major costume flaw if ever we saw one!

And now we move on to, supposedly, one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.