10 Forgotten Comics Crossovers

Comic book crossovers are fun little treats at their best and unbearable slogs at their worst. And a lot of them are just deeply weird. But even though some of them would go on to become imminently sellable collections like House of M or Civil War, there were many others that just languished by the wayside of crossover-dom. They ended and were quickly forgotten about, vanishing beneath the waves of books like a sinking ship. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they were bad. Because most of these are good.

They just, for whatever reason, were totally forgotten about by the public at large. A ghost in the wind. A spectre. A forgotten comic book event. So let’s blow off some dust and crack the spines of some comics, and talk about comic book events, the good and the bad, but most of all, the forgettable.

Source: blogspot.com

10. Young Justice: Sins of Youth

Included Titles: Young Justice: Sins of Youth # 1-2 and assorted one-shots.

The thing about most of these is that they are fun but inconsequential. Silly little one-offs that don’t effect continuity too much. In this one, the world is age-flipped so the kids become adults and the adults become kids. And the Justice Society become babies. It’s very cute.

But what results is that the Justice League get to act irresponsible and crazy while the kids of Young Justice get some growing up very quickly. It’s a fun time and the format allows for a bunch of team ups. The newly aged up Impulse gets to see what his mentor was like as Kid Flash, Superboy has a groan-worthy time managing Superman’s younger self, and Stargirl gets to be the adult, babysitting her formerly elderly teammates. There’s a fun mix of soon to be classic writers here too. Oh, and if you ever wondered why Lobo was a child for a while in the 2000s, this event was why.

Long-term Effects: Lil Lobo, I guess? I think that’s it. And that wasn’t too long term.