10 Comics For Marvel/Netflix Fans to Read

Hey there, everybody! Excited for Daredevil Season 2? I sure as heck am! In preparation, I’ve been re-reading some of my favorite Daredevil stories. But why stop there? Why not read through the best stories about each and every one of Marvel’s Netflix locked down characters? Oh, wait, I did that. But allow me to give you your to-read list. A couple of books per character, and only the best for my readers. So here we go!

Source: Comicsalliance.com

10. Luke Cage: Hero for Hire #9

(Luke Cage)

Let’s start off with easily the goofiest comic I’m gonna recommend here. This issue’s from back when Cage was running around in the yellow shirt and tiara, doing hero jobs for money.

I love this era of Luke Cage.

In this issue, Cage, upset that Dr. Doom stiffed him on a job, decides to break into the Baxter Building to steal a Fantasticar. The Fantastic Four just decide to give him the Fantasticar because why not? Cage lands in Latveria and punches his way into Doom’s castle. He rips open the door, looks Doom square in the eyes and delivers the immortal line: “Where’s my money, honey?”

Cage angrily demands that Doom give him the two hundred dollars he’s owed, which confuses the good Doctor a great deal. I adore the fact that Doom literally couldn’t give less of a crap about 200 dollars. It’s just beneath his notice. Eventually, Cage punches Doom a bunch and Doom just agrees to pay him. And then Luke leaves. This concludes the greatest Marvel comic Luke Cage has ever appeared in, and you can buy it digitally via the Marvel app.