10 Characters We Want to See in Justice League Dark

With news that we’re getting a Justice League Dark movie in the future, people all over have been fan-casting their own JLD teams. But, since I’m kind of “that guy who loves weird and obscure comic book characters”, I figured I could balance the obvious choices for this film with some less straightforward ones. So let’s open the curtains of the House of Mystery and take a deep look into the darker corners of the DCU. Welcome to the twilight zone, the outer limits, the vault of horror. Turn on the lights and see what’s hiding in the shadows. Starting with…

Source: screenrant.com

10. The Enchantress

So I didn’t exactly enjoy Suicide Squad, but I thought the characters in the film were definitely salvageable. While Enchantress was supposedly killed off at the end of her introductory film, we all know no one stays dead in these movies.

Bringing the Enchantress back in a form where June Moon has more control over her powers would be a great way to throw in an existing character to flesh out the lineup.

A poor soul trying her best to redeem herself while wielding the power of a mystical force for evil? That sounds like the big gun a superteam needs, with the right amount of complexity thrown in to keep her interesting to watch.

Plus, it’d set up an instant conflict among the team as they struggle to trust her. If all goes well, she’ll be a part of a much better team (and a much better movie) than her last onscreen appearance.