10 Best Weird Flash Villains

I’ve talked about it before, but The Flash is by far my favorite DC superhero, and may be my favorite comic book character of all time. He also has my bar-none favorite rogues gallery of memorable villains. The whole squad of Rogues and assorted Flash baddies are my super favorites. Even the weird ones. Oh, who am I kidding? ESPECIALLY the weird ones. And here are some of those weird ones.

Source: getmovienews.com

10. Colonel Computron

I LOVE Colonel Computron. He’s the friggin’ bees knees.

The W Wiggins Toy Company made a mistake one day, and inspired a vicious criminal to adopt the persona of one of their toys and start a horrible criminal rampage. And that guy called himself…Captain Boomerang. And then, a couple of years later, the exact same thing happened all over again, but this time Colonel Computron was created.

Look, Willard Wiggins, I’m not going to tell you how to do your job, I’m not even going to openly mock your name, but maybe, MAAAAAYYYYYYYYBE, if your company creates not one but TWO distinct supervillains, maybe you should reconsider your methods? Colonel Computron patterned himself after the Captain Computron toy, and beamed The Flash into a video game, because this was the eighties and video games were cool.

Seriously, this dude was just a fad-based supervillain. So we’re lucky that in the last five years we haven’t seen a supervillain based on Silly Bandz or Fidget Spinners or Wacky Stabbers or whatever.

What’s great about that joke is that I totally made up one of those three things, but a year from now, no one will remember which one is fake.