10 Best Green Arrow Villains

Hey, you know who has a bunch of villains? Green Arrow. That dude has some cool villains. Not, like, as many as Batman or Spider-Man, but still! He has some! And I want to talk about them. Now, these villains are eligible based on what I feel counts as Green Arrow villains, because there’s no definitive list. For instance, Prometheus? Not a Green Arrow villain. Justice League villain? Yes. Batman villain? Arguably. The dude fought Green Arrow like twice. If that counts, Weather Wizard’s a Batman villain. But you know who DOES count?

Source: comicvine.gamespot.com

10. Brick

After Green Arrow dealt with a buncha demons and stuff, Star City was a city without a crime lord. Until Danny Brickwell stepped in.

Brickwell was a hired enforcer secretly harboring a devious criminal mind. He began conquering Star City’s gangs and making them a well oiled machine, especially in terms of the drug trade. And the Mafia took notice. They invited Brickwell, now just going by Brick, to a dinner and threatened him. He responded by having the gang annihilate the restaurant with a rocket launcher. Brick, invulnerable, walked out unscathed.

That’s some hardcore s**t right there. Like, for serious.

Green Arrow eventually dueled with Brick, and almost suffocated him with a glue arrow, leading Brick to back off in his operations. He was eventually murdered by Cupid, a much worse Green Arrow villain. But then, he showed up perfectly alive not too much later, because sometimes editors make mistakes (Not ours though, they are wonderful).