10 Best Demons in Comics

Bottoms up and the devil laughs, folks, because it’s time to raise a little hell. I swear to God, I will give a shiny new dime to the first person to tell me what that’s a reference to. I won’t actually give you money; I was lying because promising a deal I won’t deliver on is the best possible way to start off a list of comics’ greatest demons. The best of the worst, folks. So let’s rock some weird friggin’ demon monsters.

Source: dc.wikia.com

10. Blue Devil

(Blue Devil, DC Comics)

Dan Cassidy was a pro Hollywood stuntman for a long time, albeit always in dumb schlocky trash. But his last project was the horror flick The Blue Devil, for which he had to wear a mechanical monster suit equipped with all sorts of gadgets and gizmos.

After the crew accidentally freed a vicious demon named Nebiros, Dan was fused to the costume. This gave him superpowers, but trapped him in the suit forever.

I know what you’re saying: That doesn’t make him a real demon, so why is he on this list, you wonderfully charming internet writer man? Well, you would’ve been right, if not for Underworld Unleashed.

In that story, Dan made a deal for stardom with Neron, but it cost him his loved ones. In his grief, he fought against Neron and came away imbued with demonic powers as a real Blue Devil. And he’s never been better.