10 Best Comics By Garth Ennis

Source: digitalspy.uk.com

9. The Boys

(Dynamite Entertainment)

Look, this is my guilty pleasure, okay?

It’s definitely one of Ennis’ lesser works, but I can’t help but like it. The story is centered around Wee Hughie, a Scottish gentleman whose girlfriend was horribly killed as collateral damage from a superhero fight. As a result, he winds up encountering The Boys, a crew of angry hero-murderers who are determined to expose and kill all of Earth’s supposed superheroes for being corrupt, disgusting deviants.

It’s a truly gross comic that really does trade off its shock value and obvious allegories about popular superheroes doing horrible things. It’s tough, because it’s one of the few Ennis things that I won’t call good, but I can’t help but enjoy its cynicism and filth. It’s like rolling around in delicious slop. However, the series also has an interesting mythology about superheroes and supervillains around it.

As far as super-cynical “superheroes aren’t real, all people suck” comics go, it’s at least better than Wanted.