10 Best Comics By Garth Ennis

Pound for pound, Garth Ennis is in the running for the title of Best Comic Book Writer Still Working. And I only say “in the running for” because Grant Morrison is still making weird trippy books every few years. Ennis is responsible for some of the best comics of all time, and he did several of them ALL AT THE SAME TIME. I mean, holy hell, that’s talent. So let’s delve into the purveyor of the most foul-mouthed comic books to ever hit store shelves.

Source: scifipulse.com

10. Where Monsters Dwell

(Marvel Comics)

We'll talk more about the Phantom Eagle later, but this Secret Wars (2015) miniseries is his return, and I love every page of it.

After knocking up his girlfriend, the Eagle takes off in his plane, heading for new adventures. He meets up with Clementine Franklin-Cox, and the duo appear to be transported far back in time, to an era when dinosaurs still roam.

The rest of the series is the buffoonish and selfish Phantom Eagle and the much more competent and much better equipped Clementine surviving dinosaurs, a harsh climate, and a tribe of warrior women. But this buddy comic is more about how much they hate each other.

It’s a fun time that is made far more fun by having dinosaurs in it.