Zack Snyder Shares Storyboard for Clark Kent’s Return

Although the last Justice League trailer finally revealed the presence of Clark Kent (Henry Cavill), Warner Bros. has still managed to keep the details of his resurrection secret. While we all know that the Man of Steel will come back in the movie, we're not sure how that's going to happen. On top of that, no one knows whether he’s going to turn evil when he does come back.

Clark Kent's first appearance in the Justice League promotional campaign takes place at the very beginning of the trailer. Right after Clark's funeral, Lois Lane sees him in the corn field by the Kent family farm. Lois is apparently dreaming, but the scene reveals that Clark's death had a major impact on her. Of course, it remains to be seen whether she'll have a role in his comeback.

Just a dream? (Warner Bros.)

Zack Snyder revealed that this is one of his scenes, and posted the storyboard for this shot, on Vero. It perfectly matches the scene in the trailer. Of course, the dialogue is a bit different (That’s a yes in the storyboard, as opposed to I’ll take that as a yes in the trailer). Check it out below:

The Storyboard (Screen Rant)

Given the way the scene was shot, could there be any doubt that Snyder was behind it? We think not.

It was great to see Henry Cavill's first appearance in a Justice League trailer. It's even better that Warner Bros. has remained mysterious about the specifics of his resurrection. We're certain that this scene was included in the final trailer to tease Lois Lane's expanded role in the film.

After all, Snyder is known to have an eye for finer details. The camera lingers on Lois’ engagement ring for quite some time. We could say that it lingers on Clark's promise to Lois.