Wonder Woman: First Look at BIG SPOILER

Some fans feel that marketing for Wonder Woman may not be as comprehensive as it typically is for male-dominated superhero movies, but we've recently seen a number of clips from this year’s Diana Prince solo debut. And, unlike the marketing for many other flicks, the Wonder Woman materials haven't spoiled the movie's most important reveal: the main antagonist. All we know is that Ares will be the movie's villain. Patty Jenkins has said that he's as big a villain as you can get, so keeping him under wraps all this time is quite an achievement. In addition to that, many of us are still trying to figure out which characters some of the announced cast members are playing.

If you want to know more, continue on! But be warned that we're about to drop some major spoilers!

Wonder Woman (Screen Rant)

Gal Gadot released one of the most promotional clips via her social media accounts. While it features plenty of previously seen footage, it also reveals the identity of David Thewlis' character. Simply known as Sir Patrick, he's one of the movie's biggest advocates for peace.


But, as we mentioned here, Sir Patrick might be just a cover. Rumor has it that David Thewlis is actually playing Ares, and Sir Patrick is the God of War in disguise. We believe that everything points to this as the truth, rather than just one of many rumors.

Patty Jenkins released another clip that also recycles footage from previous clips. However, we also get to see a quick flash of Wonder Woman in her first clash with Ares, and he's in his true form! Check it out below!


Ares (DC Comics)

Wonder Woman will be released in five weeks, on the 2nd of June!