Wonder Woman 2 Setting and [Spoiler] Comeback!

Wonder Woman is still making waves at the box office, ranking as the second highest-grossing DC Extended Universe flick six weeks after its release. In addition, despite being in theaters for so long, it's never left the Top Five on the US box office chart. This can't be said about Transformers: The Last Knight and Cars 3, which were released after Wonder Woman and were viewed as serious contenders.

So a Wonder Woman sequel is a no-brainer at the moment, although Patty Jenkins hasn’t yet signed on as director. However, we should mention that we've heard that Jenkins has already begun to work with Geoff Johns on a first draft for Wonder Woman 2.

A couple of weeks ago, the director said that she’d like the sequel to be set in the present day, following the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice events. But a more recent report says that Patty Jenkins has now opted for a different time period.

Wonder Woman (Den of Geek)

Screen Rant reported that the events of Wonder Woman 2 will take place prior to those of Batman v Superman, during the final days of the Cold War. The website added that the movie will presumably mix elements of both the superhero and the espionage genres.

This is a complete switch from what the director had previously said in regard to the sequel.

The Cold War (Pindex)

And that's not all! Screen Rant went on to say that Chris Pine will return to his DC Extended Universe role. But this will be tricky, given the conclusion of the first Wonder Woman movie. Also, even if the character hadn’t sacrificed himself, he’d still be pretty old...

We can see Wonder Woman's involvement in the Cold War, but we're stumped about how Steve Trevor's return would fit.

Screen Rant merely indicated that they'd learned these production details, without citing their source, so take all of this with a grain of salt.