The Most Powerful Villain of the MCU

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MCU villains

What defines a comic book superhero other than the villains? It isn't the people the superhero saves, it isn't the countries the superhero protects, but it is the threat faced. And this is also the case of the MCU. Until now, each solo film and each of the Avengers have presented us with quite a few villains, which have made us wonder: if it were to make a list, which of them would be the most powerful?

Of course, we are not talking about henchmen (such as Kurse, who was able to deflect Thor's hammer like it was nothing), because being a henchman always presumes that the lieutenant is weaker than the general.

And, of course, we won't name villains which basically have the same powers as others (such as Whiplash, who basically wields the same technology as the Iron Monger).

Speaking of which, the least powerful has to be"¦

7. Iron Monger

Obadiah Stane/Iron Monger was the first villain of the MCU. And he wasn't at all that powerful, we might say - after all, he was none other than the Dude. However, he may as well be one of the most interesting villains, simply because he was played by Jeff Bridges and he was actually developed.

In this way, the villain's relation to the hero is pretty clear and pretty intricate, even if (in the end) it is reduced to nothing else than just envy.

So he is nothing than just a man in an armored suit - so not that powerful a villain. But what an actor"¦

On the next page, a Captain America villain!

6. Red Skull

In a franchise plagued with underdeveloped villains (let's be honest about this aspect of the MCU), Red Skull must be the most underdeveloped. In this way, Captain America's nemesis (portrayed by Hugo Weaving) is, basically, as powerful as the superhero. We can even say that he would have succeeded in his exploits, if it wasn't for that damned cube (and those damned writers). Why do we say that? Because he is obviously insane with power, he is ready to do anything to obtain even more, and because he is so frightening.

One more thing: he is the chief of the most powerful criminal organization in the MCU, HYDRA, which has popped very often in the franchise.

Granted, he just wants to take over the world and not over the universe. But still, this is a very ambitious plan, bolder than the one of the Iron Monger.

One more thing: he is a Nazi, so…

On the next page, the real Mandarin!

5. Aldrich Killian

For what is worth, Aldrich Killian might have been the best villain of the Iron Man trilogy, if it wasn't for that unnecessary Mandarin twist. In the comics, he is just one of the developers of Extremis, committing suicide after selling the virus to terrorists.

In Iron Man 3, this villain marks the introduction of actual superpowers and abilities in this particular franchise. The man can breathe fire and gives Iron Man a whooping, despite Tony having changed several suits during the fight. Regeneration, fire-based powers, super-strength, and super-reflexes - he is on a different level than the villains mentioned before him.

Unfortunately, he is killed by Pepper Potts. Twists after twists this Iron man 3 was"¦

On the next page, a newcomer!

4. Ultron

The sentient (and deranged) AI can surely give a speech. He would be on the top of this list if this was its purpose.

You might be a bit confused - why isn't Ultron higher on this list? He fights (and nearly defeats) the entire Avengers team, in the process nearly destroying the Earth"¦ Well, he isn't higher because he didn't manage to upgrade itself and because of one other weakness: as before, the writers.

However, besides being a great strategist, he is also powerful enough to actually beat Thor - who knows what would have happened if Vision didn't come to the rescue? In any way, he is one cool MCU villain, of which we probably didn't see the last.

On the next page, a Thor villain!

3. Malekith the Accursed

Malekith the Accursed is the main baddie of Thor: The Dark World. If this was a list about the ugliest/scariest baddies, than this villain would have been on the first spot. However, this is a list about powerful villains.

In this way, Malekith the Accursed is the type of character who actually stands a chance when facing the God of Thunder, even without possessing the Ether. He also controls an army of Dark Elves, with which he easily breaks Asgard - which is no small feat (of course, Asgard did have a blind watchman"¦)

His purpose isn't just to take revenge on the Asgardians, just like it isn't to control the Universe - he actually wants to throw it into darkness (whatever that may mean). In this way, he is also one of the most powerful villains of the MCU because he also has plenty of experience. Unlike the characters named before, this villain has lived thousands of years and had his fair share of battles.

And throwing the universe in darkness (whatever that means) and actually having chances to do that makes him a formidable foe (defeated, yet again, by the writers).

On the next page, the villain who lived!

2. Abomination

Abomination was the second villain presented in the MCU. He doesn't necessarily want to take over the world, nor is he pursuing wealth and power. Instead, he just wants to be the most physically powerful being in the world.

Of course, this title belongs to the Hulk, with whom he fights to a standstill. He is depicted as being, basically, as powerful as the Green Goliath (which would mean something in the comics, not necessarily in the MCU, where Hulk trashed a god, but was sucker punched by a man in an iron suit).

What this villain lacks, though, is strategy. But this doesn't matter in this list - we have little to no doubt that he will be able to stomp all the villains mentioned on this list before.

And yes - the villain who faced the angriest and least stable of all the MCU superheroes is the one who lived.

On the next page, the other newcomer and the first place!

1. Ronan the Accuser

When being called by Thanos after Gamora's betrayal, Ronan the Accuser broke the Other's neck without even blinking. And then, when he realized that he had an Infinity Stone in his possession, he mocked the Mad Titan - you called me boy?

Also part of an ancient race, this villain is also able to wield the power of an Infinity Gem. However, unlike Malekith, his purpose is different: genocide. And that surely counts. But, boy, having the stones (there's a pun in here) to threaten the Mad Titan himself surely speaks about one's confidence in one's power"¦

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