The Batman: Characters for Andy Serkis

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Besides the names of a few actors and the director, we know nothing about the upcoming reboot, The Batman. We don't even have a specific release date for the film (other than sometime in 2019). But this is still the most interesting DC Extended Universe project. After all, it’s about the Dark Knight, the cast is stellar, and the accomplished director is highly accomplished.

Director Matt Reeves has teased that Andy Serkis might have a role in The Batman, fueling speculation that the actor has already been cast. But in what role?

This list is all about that! We’ve come up with ten villains and five supporting characters for Andy Serkis! Check it out!


Serkis has been highly successful in motion-capture roles, so it’s safe to say that Matt Reeves might have a similar role in mind for the Planet of the Apes actor. Clayface should be everyone’s first guess. His appearance and shape-shifting ability would make him a formidable antagonist for the Batman.

Of course, Jared Leto has teased that he’ll make an appearance, so we don’t see Clayface as a main villain for The Batman. However, when Ben Affleck was still director, it was said that the movie would feature multiple villains from Batman's rogues gallery, so Clayface would be a must!

There have been quite a few versions of this villain over the years, including a female. But we'd suggest the first Basil Karlo or Cassius “Clay” Payne. We’re more inclined toward the latter, given his ability to create Claythings.

So far, Clayface hasn’t appeared on the big screen. Maybe Andy Serkis should have this honor, even it’s just a secondary role.


Tim Burton’s version of The Penguin may have been flawed, but, thanks to Danny DeVito, the character was still a highlight of Batman Returns. However, it’s been 25 years, so maybe the character should return to the big screen.

We know that Josh Gad has already teased the character on several occasions, but he’s smaller than Ben Affleck, and much younger.

Add a few inches, and you have Andy Serkis, who’s a more widely known actor. In our opinion, he would make a better Penguin for The Batman. Again, he’d be a secondary antagonist, but we’re certain that he'd steal the show.

Still thinking about his height? Well, you shouldn't! The Lord of the Rings trilogy proved that it doesn't matter at all.

Mad Hatter

This would be yet another secondary role for Andy Serkis, but as the Mad Hatter, he'd be able to surprise audiences when going against the Batman. Despite his small stature, this villain went toe-to-toe with the Dark Knight in the comics.

The Mad Hatter is a brilliant neuroscientist, and could serve as an underling for the main antagonist of the film, using his mind-controlling devices to provide the necessary edge.

On the other hand, if Matt Reeves decides to use just one major villain in the movie, The Mad Hatter could be a minor criminal who’s subdued by the main antagonist prior to attracting the Caped Crusader’s attention. This could work pretty well, especially given The Hatter's history in the comics with other villains from Batman's rogues gallery.


When Tim Burton's Batman Returns wasn't met with the same level of enthusiasm as 1989's Batman, 1995’s Batman Forever was expected to launch the Dark Knight to new heights. That didn’t happen, even though the film was packed with stars, including Jim Carrey, who introduced The Riddler to big-screen audiences.

Maybe The Riddler should return, and maybe Andy Serkis should play the role. This version of While in no way Batman’s equal, this version of The Riddler should be able to land a few punches. As a criminal mastermind, he must have learned how to fight over the years.

The Riddler’s mind and deductive abilities are his greatest assets. He might even discover that Bruce Wayne is the Dark Knight and manipulate other villains to go up against the hero. It would be awesome to see Andy Serkis as the mastermind behind all of Batman's problems.

Man Bat

Returning to the type of role that made Andy Serkis famous, Man Bat could be portrayed for the most part using motion capture. Although Man Bat would be a secondary villain, Serkis would most certainly be up for the challenge.

If Matt Reeves opts to use this character, Dr. Kirk Langstrom's backstory should be included. Doing so would depict Man Bat as a rather tragic character who intended to do good, but actually did the exact opposite.

This role would make use of Andy Serkis' skills to great advantage, as it would transform him into a tragic character who is capable of both evil and good acts.

CGI and motion capture are all it would take. And we wouldn't be angry if Man Bat were to redeem himself in the end.

Solomon Grundy

Solomon Grundy (DC Comics)

Solomon Grundy is best known as a Green Lantern villain, but he’s encountered several other DC superheroes, as well. He’s even had a couple of confrontations with The Batman, and they didn't end favorably for him.

Like Man Bat and Clayface, Grundy would be another motion-capture role for Andy Serkis. He would be another secondary villain, but given his backstory, it would be fun as hell to see him on the big screen.

Additionally, Grundy shares a connection with the Swamp Thing. So Grundy's presence in The Batman could also create Easter eggs that set up Justice League Dark.

So Matt Reeves needs to make it happen.

Victor Zsasz

If Matt Reeves intends to make a dark movie with multiple villains (we assume he wants more than just Deathstroke as a Batman adversary), Victor Zsasz is a must. A serial killer who marks the body after each kill? Count us in!

But that’s not all! Zsasz is also great at hand-to-hand combat, and is capable of going toe-to-toe with the Dark Knight himself, even if just for short bouts. He’s also highly intelligent. So this might be a secondary role, but it wouldn't be a missed opportunity.

Andy Serkis could definitely bring Zsasz to life. And with his physique is quite imposing, despite his short stature, so he'd look great with his head shaved!

The Joker

Mind-blowing, right? The DC Extended Universe already has a Joker in Jared Leto, and as previously mentioned, he’s already teased a confrontation with The Batman. So how could Andy Serkis portray this character?

Presumably, Warner Bros. took note of fan reaction to Suicide Squad, so maybe they realized that this gangsta Joker really didn’t fly with the audiences. We’re wondering whether he could be retconned in some way that reveals him as someone else. You may remember the fan theory that had Jared Leto as a crazed Jason Todd. So something could be worked out…

This would open up the possibility of having Andy Serkis as a real, truly bad ass Joker. We'd be down with that.

Hugo Strange

Despite being one of Batman's first recurring villains, and the first to learn the Dark Knight's secret identity, Hugo Strange has never appeared on the big screen. We feel that this is a missed opportunity, especially considering the number of Batman films that have been made.

Hugo Strange would make a great mastermind in The Batman. And since Reeves teased Serkis, this could be the role he has in mind for the actor. While not a motion-capture role, Strange would be the movie’s hidden antagonist.

As such, he might appear in future Batman-related DCEU movies. There are a number of them scheduled in the coming years, so who knows? We'll wait and see.

Professor Pyg

Professor Pyg (DC Wikia)

This might seem like a strange entry, but Professor Pyg has a shot at winning the Biggest Twisted Villain title. If The Batman is to largely take place in Arkham (as suggested prior to Affleck's departure), Pyg would fit in perfectly.

Pyg is an insane scientist who is keen on creating the perfect human. To accomplish this, he attaches a mask to a victim's face, and the mask slowly alters the host's head. Then Pyg surgically alters the host’s body, and his victims become Dollotrons. Their purpose is to follow their master's orders.

If the movie takes place in Arkham, and Arkham is under the rule of some secret villain, Batman would find a dangerous opponent in Pyg and his hosts. And we have no doubt that Serkis could bring this weird, insane villain to life.

Harvey Bullock

Harvey Bullock (DC Comics)

Matt Reeves teased a role for Serkis in The Batman, but that doesn't necessarily mean that he’s limited to casting the actor as a villain. There are also  a number of non-villainous characters Serkis could bring to life.

For example, he could bring Harvey Bullock to the big screen for the very first time. Bullock was originally a corrupt cop, but then he became Commissioner Gordon’s aide and somewhat of a Batman ally.

This wouldn’t be a motion-capture role, but Serkis could pull it off. The role would also set up future appearances for the actor in other Batman-related DCEU movies.

The Outsiders

The DCEU’s Batman took a break for a while, most likely after Robin’s death. When he returned, he refused to work with others. So it wouldn't make sense to have the Outsiders appear yet, especially since the Dark Knight formed the team.

It all depends on when The Batman is released, as well as what happens in the DCEU until that time. We know that the Caped Crusader will work alongside other heroes in this year's Justice League, so, depending how the movie ends, Bruce Wayne might go on to form his own team.

As a part of such a team, Serkis could play Metamorpho, who can transform his body into any elemental compound. So this would be another motion-capture role for the actor.

Green Arrow

A number of actors have expressed interest in playing the Green Lantern, the most recent being Charlie Hunnam. He does have the looks…

However, the DCEU’s Green Lantern should be older. If you're thinking Matt Damon, you aren't alone. However, despite the fact that he lacks Damon’s star power and recognizable face, Andy Serkis could make this role the highlight of the movie.

An old and weary superhero, he could pop out of nowhere to aid the Caped Crusader when he needs it the most. We see that happening already…

Harold Allnut

If you’ve wondered how Batman can build and repair all his equipment on his own, wonder no more. He has the aid of Harold Allnut, a mute technological genius who suffers from Kyphosis. Serkis would shine as the helping hand.

This would be a relatively minor role, but it would answer numerous questions about about Bruce Wayne and Batman.

We wouldn't object to maintaining his comic book origin story or seeing him depicted as having previously worked for a Batman villain. This would serve to enhance both Allnut and Batman as characters.

Dr. Thomas Elliot

Lastly, Serkis would be perfect as Bruce Wayne’s childhood friend Thomas Elliot. And, of course, this brings us to Hush, but what if The Batman becomes the first installment of a trilogy? And what if the movie presented Thomas Elliot as a friend of Bruce Wayne, only to reveal his hatred at the end? Furthermore, what if the movie didn’t reveal this hatred at all?

It would be a huge surprise to see Andy Serkis play this awesome mastermind!

The Batman will feature a number of villains, but at its core, it will be a detective story. We don't know about you, but we would be thrilled to see this movie demonstrate why Batman is known as the world’s greatest detective.

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