Civil War - Allegiances

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Civil War

Sure enough, you probably have a good idea as to what allegiances will be made during Captain America: Civil War. However, news have emerged (or at least speculation) regarding some of the superheroes which will appear in the movie.

And this new information has been revealed in both Ant-Man, as well as in pics taken of or by the actors themselves. So, without further ado, let's check out the most possible teams for Captain America: Civil War!


The premise of the Civil War

As everybody knows, Captain America is against the Registration Act. Iron Man isn't. Making the teams which will face each other during Civil War is, thus, a clash between conceptions. Is it worth it to risk the safety of innocents to defeat a threat before it actually arisen? Or, is it worth it to trample on basic civilian rights just to make the said civilians feel safer?

And that is because, after all, this is what the Registration Act really is: the Orwellian Big Brother adapted to the comic books. Granted, it was all sugar coated (with Iron Man emphasizing the need for safety in the ever expanding Universe), but it is basically exactly that.

Would you want to have a government agency take your finger prints just in case, just because? In a way, we already know the answer - thus, in a way, we may already presume what allegiances will be made during the events of the Civil War.

It can be added that this, being an adaptation, the premise of the Registration Act will be changed, in the sense that it won't just reveal the identities of the superheroes, but it will also regulate it (as in placing them on the government's payroll).


In this way, the first one to side with Captain America during the Civil War is Ant-Man. As this year's solo movie has revealed, there is a big gap between the conceptions of Hank Pym and Tony Stark's conceptions. So we can only assume the Scott Lang (a pupil of Hank Pym) will see the threat posed by the need for safety.

And this is the reason why Hank didn't want the Ant-Man suit to be exploited as a weapon: it can bring great benefits (just like the Registration Act), but it can bring even greater destruction.

Furthermore, Hank was already known to have a pretty interesting idea concerning superheroes, in the sense that he doesn't consider them worthy of being called this way. So why this conception wouldn't become the one of his pupil?

And there is also that end-credits scene, in which he is basically called the alternative to Iron Man

On the next page, Hawkeye


As revealed in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Hawkeye has quite a few reasons to be against the Registration Act. In his way, to everybody's surprise (well, not exactly everybody's), he is revealed to be a family man, already married and with children. So we can see that he is actually a very discreet individual, to say the least, who cares a lot about keeping his private life private.

The Registration Act would force him to renounce his privacy, so it would be understandable for him to side with Captain America during the events of Civil War.

Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner

As seen, Jeremy Renner is pretty explicit as to which side his character would choose.

Of course, it can be added that this may change, since his family can be used as a leverage, to convince him to actually join Iron Man. We doubt that this will happen, but still"¦

On the next page, Black Widow

Black Widow

Black Widow

Black Widow

Black Widow understands the need for privacy - after all, she kept the secret of Hawkeye to everybody's surprise (well, not exactly everybody's). So we can count her from the start as being on the side of Steve Rogers during the Civil War.

However, she is one of those characters that you cannot easily guess. After all, we did believe that she had an actual interest in Clint Barton, just like we did believe that there is something between her and Steve Rogers. And now we do believe that she is interested in Bruce Banner.

For the moment, we'll just count her as being anti-registration. And seeing that she has quite a tumultuous past, she may not want for everybody to know who she is"¦

UPDATE: Apparently, Black Widow will be on Tony Stark’s side after all!

On the next page, Falcon


Falcon is basically the friend of Steve Rogers. He was introduced in this way and there is no reason to believe that this will change anytime soon.

And he is the guy with the alternative to Iron Man"¦ So, yes, we know for certain what allegiance he will have during the Civil War.

On the next page, Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch

Besides Ant-Man, Scarlet Witch is the heavy-hitter who has all the reasons to be anti-registration. Her family was killed by Tony Stark's weapons, her involvement in the Age of Ultron events against the Avengers was basically one against Iron Man, and she actually was welcomed into the team by Hawkeye. So we guess we know who she will side with during Civil War"¦

Furthermore, given her role

Unless"¦ Unless she actually sees Vision as being more than just an upgraded toaster"¦

On the next page, the Switzerland of Civil War

Black Panther

Black Panther

Black Panther

The rumors were that Black Panther will side with Iron Man during Civil War, because the Winter Soldier (basically the friend of Captain America) killed his father. The rumor was debunked by Kevin Feige, who said that T’Chaka is alive and well, in the sense that he and T’Challa are both wondering what the heck happened during the events of Age of Ultron.

Furthermore, Kevin Feige also revealed that the King Prince of Wakanda will have his own agenda during the Civil War. Which means that he will side with neither of the teams.

In any way, we can be certain that he wouldn't want to have his identity revealed, nor that he would want to work for some foreign government, when Wakanda has been for such a long time in seclusion.

On the next page, the wild card

The Winter Soldier

Winter Soldier

Winter Soldier

Of course, seeing that Winter Soldier has been a friend of Captain America, you may say that you know what his allegiance will be during the Civil War. Take into account the fact that he is rumored to have killed Tony Stark's parents and you can actually take it to the bank.

But is it really so? A while ago, Sebastian Stan posted a pic with himself, under #pickyourside, with a hidden detail in it - robertdowneyjr. And that does make us wonder and throw aside everything that we believe we know about him.

Sebastian Stan

Sebastian Stan

Could he side with Iron Man during Civil War, or was that a caption saying that his next target is Tony Stark? We don't know. But it surely makes us wonder what instruments Tony would use to get the Winter Soldier on his side"¦

UPDATE: Apparently, the Winter Soldier will indeed team with his old friend Steve Rogers!

On the next page, the newcomer




Spider-Man's existence may have been acknowledged in Ant-Man, but he will make his first appearance during Captain America: Civil War. Even if in a cameo, can we still count on him to have an allegiance?

The marketing campaign for Ant-Man also revealed that Tony Stark has offered grants to some kids in New York, which makes us believe that he knows the secret identity of Spider-Man and that he is trying to bring the wall crawler on his side. Furthermore, we do believe that Peter Parker will be in awe of Tony's intellect.

However, we must keep in mind that his role will be reduced to just a simple cameo. So he may not side with any of the warring factions of the Civil War.

Apparently, Spider-Man will side with Iron Man. Given the fact that Robert Downey Jr. was announced for the 2017 solo Spider-Man film, this makes sense/

On the next page, stating the obvious

War Machine

War Machine

War Machine

Well, it is pretty easy this one. War Machine will be on Iron Man's side for the same reasons Falcon is on Captain America's.

Sure enough, you may not think of him as an actual superhero, because he isn't. He is military, a soldier already working for the government. So yes, this one is a pretty easy one.

On the next page, the cool factor


Vision is basically an upgraded JARVIS, the butler of Tony Stark, so we may count him to be on his creator's side. Unless he will also develop an interest on Scarlet Witch and will reconsider his position in the Civil War.

Furthermore, we did see him expressing his regret, but also his determination, when it came to confronting Ultron. In this way, we can say that he will be pretty much for the preservation of life (safety), although he will not go the extra mile unless if there was no other alternative. So yes, he will be on Iron Man's side and we do believe that this will be until a certain point on the movie.

For the moment, he is the only heavy-hitter on this side of the barricade during the Civil War. Unless Hulk will indeed make an appearance in the form of Bruce Banner, the science bro of Tony Stark.

On the next page, the villains

Civil War villains

Baron Zemo

Baron Zemo

In the comics, we do know that the Civil War engulfed also the villains, who received pardons for their formed deeds if they chose a side. We don't know if this will happen too in the adaptation.

But what we know is that HYDRA is alive and well, with Baron Zemo set to make his first appearance in the MCU. It isn't too hard to assume that this villain will side with Iron Man during the Civil War, but in order to pursue his own interests.

There is one more reason why he would do that. During the events depicted in the Winter Soldier, the plan of HYDRA included was based on finding out who the major threats are. Doesn't the Registration Act do the same thing?

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