Thor: Ragnarok to Have at Least Two Post-Credits Scenes!

We haven’t seen a Marvel Cinematic Universe installment without a post-credits scene, and Thor: Ragnarok will be no exception. In fact, the movie will have at least two scenes in store for us once closing credits start rolling.

We'll have to wait until November 3 to enjoy Thor: Ragnarok, but critics have already seen it, and they let us know how they feel about it. The movie's world premiere also took place recently. Based on those screenings, ScreenRant confirmed that the latest MCU installment will include two post-credits scenes.

Marvel's preview screenings don't always include all of the stingers that show up in the theatrical cuts. However, ScreenRant said that they didn't believe that the studio kept anything in reserve for the Taika Waititi flick’s public release. Why they believe that is a mystery, because made no further explanation in their report.

Responding to a fan’s query on Twitter, Forbes’ Scott Mendelson confirmed that Thor: Ragnarok will include two post-credits scenes. He suggested that one scene has some relevance to the plot, and the other is just there for the giggles.

Another fan asked whether the Avengers: Infinity War trailer will be one of the post-credits scenes. The film critic responded that that was not the case, unless Marvel's keeping secrets. Check out his tweets below!

Thor: Ragnarok will roll into theaters in the UK and other international territories on October 24, so we'll learn then how many post-credits scenes it actually has. We'll also discover the precise details of the sequences, but don’t worry, we won’t share without adding an up-front spoiler alert warning!

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