Thor: Ragnarok Clip Signals Major Change in the Reshoots

Thor: Ragnarok is getting closer and closer to its release date. During HelaWeen, each day through November 3 will bring new promotional items from the Thor solo franchise's final installment, including clips, posters, and artwork.

Today, we saw a new clip that had Thor seated on Asgard’s throne, confronting Hela (we believe it's Thor, rather than Loki impersonating Thor). Judging from the superhero's haircut, it was a scene toward the end of the film. But if it does happen to be Loki, the scene could take place early on in the movie.

Hela destroys Mjolnir in New York (Marvel)

However, Hela says that Thor is sitting in her seat, and then we again see Mjolnir destroyed, although we'd already seen it in the very first Ragnarok trailer. In what appears to be a New York alley, the God of Thunder (still sporting his long locks) throws his hammer, only to have the Goddess of Death easily shatter it. The setting fits with what we already know, especially if we take into account the fact that Odin is in New York and Hela might have unfinished business with him.

But today’s clip revealed that Mjolnir is destroyed on what looks to be a plain in a completely different location. Thor's hair is still long, and Hela still looks unkempt, so it's similar to the first trailer, with the exception of the setting.


What does it all mean? First, check out this BTS pic from the reshoots, which shows a long-haired Thor with Loki in grassy surroundings:


It might mean that this major plot point was altered during the reshoots. But why? Did the fans make too many connections between the New York location, Odin, Hela, Doctor Strange, and Thor? Is the studio trying to throw us off track? Will this new scene even be in the movie, considering how bad the CGI looks?

Hela destroys Mjolnir on a plain (Marvel)

Or was it that the New York scene didn't fit into the movie's narrative, so Taika Waititi was forced to change it? We doubt this…

We'll find out when Thor: Ragnarok is released on November 3.