King of Asgard Returns in Thor: Ragnarok Clip

We've been aware that Anthony Hopkins was set to return as Odin in Thor: Ragnarok (thanks to pics from the set, which appeared to be in New York), but we hadn't seen him in any of the movie's trailers or official pics. This touched off some fan speculation about his role in Hela's rise and the source of his powers.

There may be spoilers below!

Odin (MCU Wikia)

It remains to be seen whether these assumptions have any basis in fact, but the latest Thor: Ragnarok clip implied that this will indeed be Odin's last big-screen appearance.

Check it out:

Most recently, Taika Waititi talked about the change of setting for Mjolnir's destruction. Previous trailers indicated that the magic hammer was obliterated in New York, which was Odin's presumed location. But in subsequent clips, the scene took place on a grassy plain.

Waititi explained the need for the change, and added that the New York setting was too noisy for the emotional moments that would follow. We took this as a strong hint that the King of Asgard would meet his end in Ragnarok (especially if those Infinity Stone rumors were true).

Hela (Marvel)

We assumed that the clip confirmed that he would die, since all we saw was Odin turning his back, as if he were exiting the MCU.

According to that Infinity Stone rumor, the Soul Stone, the source of the Odinforce and Odinsleep, is hidden behind Odin's eyepatch. Maybe this is why we didn’t see his face, but that remains to be seen.

Thor: Ragnarok will be released on November 3.