Theory: Soul Stone Teased in Black Panther Trailer

The Infinity War is approaching. There are just two movies left before it arrives, but we're still searching for an important puzzle piece: the location of the Soul Stone. According to some online rumors, there could be a reveal in Thor: Ragnarok, since Odin kept the Soul Stone under his eyepatch as the source of his Odinforce.

However, the latest Black Panther trailer may contain a hint that the final Infinity Stone was on Earth all along. Check it out below, but beware of a huge spoiler!

T'Challa in the Civil War (Marvel)

During a 2015 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Kevin Feige said that Black Panther will lead directly into the Infinity War. At that point, we all believed that he was talking about one of two possibilities: One of the Stones was in Wakanda, or there wasn't another MCU movie between Black Panther and Infinity War.

Wakanda subsequently popped up on the MCU map, to be explored in next year's Black Panther solo film. Captain America: Civil War made it clear that Wakanda is among the most highly advanced and spiritual countries in the shared universel (T’Challa says that death is just a stepping stone in his culture).

The movie's most recent trailer might have featured a scene from the afterlife that places T’Challa on an otherworldly plain that could be the comics' Djalia, a mystical place that serves as Wakanda’s collective memory. In the comics, this is where Shuri’s spirit goes when Thanos' Black Order kills her.

So far, the MCU hasn’t touched on the spiritual side of things, and it certainly hasn't introduced concepts such as collective memory. But the MCU revolves around the Infinity Stones, and the Soul Stone has a consciousness of its own as it absorbs souls from the outside.

In addition, the souls trapped in the Stone apparently exist in an idyllic world. Their skills and knowledge are at the disposal of the Soul Stone’s wielder.

So could the comics' Djalia be the interior world of the Soul Stone in the MCU? This wouldn’t be the first time the shared universe has adapted elements from the comics into its storyline. Most recently, Doctor Strange revealed that the Eye of Agamotto was in fact the Time Stone.

It would make sense for the Soul Stone to be in Wakanda. If every Black Panther who ever existed had the knowledge of his predecessors at his disposal, it could explain how the Wakandans managed to unlock the secrets of vibranium.

The Spirit World (Marvel)

We also learned that Thanos’ Black Order is going to visit Wakanda. It made sense before, since this is the most evolved country on MCU’s Earth. But it makes even more sense now, since the final piece of the puzzle can be found there.