The Punisher Wraps Shooting for Season 2

The Punisher was introduced in the Netflix corner of the MCU in the excellent second season of Daredevil. And, even if it wasn’t his show, Frank Castle was the best part of that season.

As soon as the fans got to see how good Jon Bernthal is in this role, the Punisher solo series was announced. The first season debuted on the 17th of November last year. While it didn’t receive the rave reviews of the best Marvel/Netflix TV shows, it was still a great one!


Most of the criticism was focused on the length of the season, as it has happened with other shows. 13 episodes was a bit too much to stretch the plot. For the moment, there is no information about the number of episodes this new season will get.

However, new details are bound to arrive soon enough. And that is because the shooting of the Punisher’s sophomore season has just ended. The announcement was made by actor Jason R. Moore, who will return as Curtis Hoyle.

Check it out below:


Curtis - Director - Frank. it’s a wrap! #thepunisher

A post shared by Jason R. Moore (@jasonmooreofficial) on Aug 11, 2018 at 1:04am PDT


There are no details available about the plot of this new season, as it always happens with Marvel productions. However, we do know that Ben Barnes will return as Billy Russo. After being disfigured by Frank Castle at the end of the first season, we can assume that he will become Jigsaw.

Jigsaw (Digital Spy)

There is no word, though, about a main villain, or about a secondary one. However, showrunner Steve Lightfoot did say that he loves Barracuda and that he also finds Kathryn O'Brien very interesting.

Of course, no release date was revealed for the Punisher’s second season.

And, given the fact that the release date of the second season was kept a secret until the very last moment, we doubt that we’ll find it out anytime soon.