The Punisher: Episode Titles and New Promo!

Since 2017's other Marvel series are in release, Netflix has finally begun promotional activities for The Punisher, the Daredevil Season Two spin-off starring Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle. While we still don’t have an exact release date for the series, the first teaser trailer dropped about ten days ago, right after the release of The Defenders.

Marvel and Netflix decided that the fans deserve to know more, so they released the episode titles for the entire first season. To add a little spice to the mix, they revealed the titles in Morse Code on the official Twitter page for The Punisher! You could access them here. But if you'd rather save yourself the hassle it would take to decipher them, check them out below!

Castle (Geek Tyrant)

S01E01 - 3 A.M.

S01E02 - Two Dead Men

S01E03 - Kandahar

S01E04 - Resupply

S01E05 - Gunner

S01E06 - The Judas Goat

S01E07 - Crosshairs

S01E08 - Cold Steel

S01E09 - Front Toward Enemy

S01E10 - Virtue of the Vicious

S01E11 - Danger Close

S01E12 - Home

S01E13 - Memento Mori

Of course, like most titles, they don't reveal that much, although a couple of them do offer some information. For example, the episode titled Kandahar could feature flashbacks from when Castle was in the military, since we know he was stationed there. Then there are Gunner, Resupply, and Front Toward Enemy, which are clearly military terms.

Other than that…

A new promo for The Punisher has also been released that might be a segment of the title credits, since it introduces the majority of the main characters who are set to appear in the first season! Check it out below!


We can expect to learn the official release date for The Punisher any time now.

The Punisher teaser trailer