The Mummy – First Trailer

Presumably the first monster movie in Universal’s Monsters Shared Universe (if Dracula Untold is erased from existence, as it should be), and starring Tom CruiseThe Mummy promises to be one of the biggest movies of 2017. As we have come to expect with the superstar’s movies, it will be filled with kinetic action – but not just that.

With a script written by Jon Spaihts (Doctor Strange) and Christopher McQuarrie (Edge of Tomorrow), director Alex Kurtzman has said that he's created an action/horror hybrid that resembles neither the original film from 1932 nor the Brendan Fraser reboot from 1999.

The Mummy poster (CBM) The Mummy poster (CBM)

The trailer has already dropped, following a small tease – and, as said, it is as kinetic as possible and filled with stunts. Check it out below!

The clip isn’t overly revealing, and can be regarded as merely a teaser. The action takes place almost entirely on a plane (we guess we weren’t the only ones having flashbacks of the Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation plane stunt). However, as soon as the scene ends, we're hurled into the mythology of the Mummy.

While it's pretty clear who the heroes and villains are, Russell Crowe’s Dr. Jekyll is the big unknown. Before the trailer arrived, we believed that he would simply cameo in the film. But, as the studio attempts to set up some of the building blocks for the shared universe, it appears that Jekyll’s role will be much bigger than a cameo. After all, he's the only one who knows what Sofia Boutella’s Mummy, who has slept for thousands of years, is after.

As mentioned, the clip can be considered just a teaser at this point. There are a few things that are pretty exciting and bewildering (such as seeing Tom Cruise’s character coming back to life), so we will certainly keep our eyes open for anything new concerning The Mummy.

Intriguing Intriguing

The Mummy will be released on the 9th of June 2017.