The Most Anticipated Movies of 2017

Ghost in the Shell (March 31st)

Ghost in the Shell (Collider) Ghost in the Shell (Collider)

I wasn’t a big fan of this remake until I saw the trailer (or, better yet, the small glitches leading to it), especially since Scarlett Johansson was cast in the lead role (thus throwing away the entire feel of the original). With Rupert Sanders (Snow White and the Huntsman) directing, who would have thought otherwise?

But the trailer looks great! And even if the story seems to be tweaked here and there, we can be certain of one thing: Ghost in the Shell looks stunning, with official pics and pieces of concept art showing a world very close to the one I imagined for this movie.

Of course, this is a subjective opinion. But I do believe that this will be a great movie, with no resemblance to Lucy, with which Ghost in the Shell is compared (because the same actress portrays the main character).

All in all, if Ghost in the Shell proves to be successful, this could open the door to other animes being adapted. Of course, Akira is the first one to come to mind (stuck in development hell since ever), but this could also mean that James Cameron might fast-track his Battle Angel Alita.