The Joker: Origin Movie May Start Filming in Fall 2018!

The Joker's origin movie continues to move forward, and it looks as though the cameras may roll in the fall of 2018.

We knew that Warner Bros. had a solo movie for the Jared Leto version of The Joker in the works, but we were surprised to hear that the studio had been working on the character's origin story since September 2017, Martin Scorsese had signed on to produce, Todd Phillips would direct, and Joaquin Phoenix would take on the starring role.

Warner Bros. subsequently clarified that they were working on two very different projects that would somehow exist concurrently. The Leto version would be based on DC Comics and part of the existing unofficial DC Extended Universe. The Phoenix version would launch a separate DC-based cinematic banner.

Fans wondering which movie would get off the ground first don't need to wonder anymore. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the origin movie will definitely see the light of day before the Phoenix movie does, as it's scheduled to head into production this fall.

Todd Phillips won't get to spend a lot of money in making The Joker origin movie! Todd Phillips won't get to spend a lot of money in making The Joker origin movie! (Photo Credit - Warner Bros.)

But there's more! THR also suggested that, unlike most contemporary superhero movies, the Leto movie will operate on a fairly low $55 million budget. That’s actually just over one-third of what Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins had to work with, and Wonder Woman was the most inexpensive DCEU installment to date.

THR added that the new DC banner that will launch with Phoenix's film may be branded DC Dark, DC Black, or something similar.

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