The Joker In Gotham, FINALLY!

UPDATE: The creator of Gotham, Bruno Heller has stated more recently "He may or may not be The Joker… All I can promise is that’s not a bait and switch. It’s a long game we’re playing here."

Many of you might believe that the city of Gotham belongs as much to The Joker as to its savior, Batman. Since the Fox series Gotham calls itself a Batman prequel series, the appearance of the fan-favorite supervillain is inevitable! And we already thought we had heard him laugh, didn’t we?

Then we heard from the executive producer Bruno Heller that they will be teasing the origin of the Clown Prince of Crime before this season ends. And now we finally have him in Gotham and this time it’s not just the laugh, but also the face doing that cackle has also been revealed! It’s no JOKE!

The teaser trailer for the sixteenth episode of the Fox series titled ‘The Blind Fortune Teller’ provides us with the first looks of The Joker for the first time on screen after the departure of the iconic Heath Ledger version of the supervillain and before the arrival of the Academy Award winning Jared Leto’s version! Don’t believe that? Check out the trailer before heading to details!

Ledger’s Immediate Successor In Details!

Ledger and Cameron Ledger and Cameron: Forerunner and Successor!

The person that you see in the trailer with that shameless kind of laugh is a shameless star, oops, sorry, he’s the Showtime series Shameless star Cameron Monaghan! The 21-year-old actor has already bagged a Young Artist Award in the category Best Performance in a Television Series, so you shouldn’t be worried about his acting talent!

Actually, after watching the way he stared and laughed in the trailer, hardly anyone would have a doubt on his acting talent! But the fact that the last time you saw The Joker on screen was played by Ledger obviously puts a heavy load of responsibility on Cameron’s comparatively tiny shoulders. But it seems like the boy’s going to surprise everyone, a prediction on the basis of the saying ‘morning shows the day’! Too early to say though!

Why It Seems Unlikely To Be Misdirection?

Gotham Gotham: If they mislead, that would be a real ruthless one!

Well, Gotham hasn’t named Cameron as The Joker; he’s playing a character named Jerome and they haven’t shared any details on the character. But the fact that the words ‘GOTHAM’S NEXT VILLAIN IS NO JOKE’ are shown on screen and then pops out Cameron, you obviously got to believe he is The Joker.

If at the end of the episode you find Jerome to be someone else, that misdirection would be a ruthless one and that the producers would not want to take that big risk! The set up of the episode as per the official synopsis is in a circus and what could be a better place than this to introduce the supervillain?

Again, Fox had ordered sixteen episodes of Gotham before extending their order to six more episodes. ‘The Blind Fortune Teller’ should have been the season finale according to the initial order by the channel. So again, what could be a better episode than the season finale to mark a brief introduction to the epic supervillain?

Well, if you aren’t convinced or actually don’t want to take the risk of being convinced that Cameron is The Joker, let’s wait till 16 February when the episode airs on Fox! Do share your thoughts and views, guys!