The Inhumans: Roster Revealed

For a long time, The Inhumans was among the MCU movies waiting to arrive sometime after Avengers: Infinity War. But after Spider-Man’s arrival, the movie was removed from the schedule, and then it was indefinitely postponed. But this didn’t last too long, since Kevin Feige later announced that an Inhumans project is still being planned, although this time as a television series on ABC. The fans were also glad to hear that the first two of the planned eight episodes will be screened in theaters for two weeks in September.

With the series waiting to begin production, The Hashtag Show has gotten its hands on a character breakdown. The Inhumans will focus on the Royal Family. The first character, code-named Broderick, can say volumes with just a look, being accustomed to not answering anybody’s questions – obviously, this is Black Bolt (a character teased for so long by Vin Diesel).

Black Bolt (Comic Vine) Black Bolt (Comic Vine)

Then there is Marjorie, who acts as an advisor to her husband and isn’t afraid to break the rules when the situation demands it. Obviously, this character is Medusa, Black Bolt’s wife, who isn’t just a pretty face, as Marjorie’s description says.

Medusa (Marvel Wikia) Medusa (Marvel Wikia)

The third series regular is Marty, Broderick’s younger brother, who is intelligent, charming, and articulate, but secretly covets power. And this is the series’ first antagonist, Black Bolt’s brother Maximus.

Maximus (Marvel Wikia) Maximus (Marvel Wikia)

Kevin is another series regular. According to the description, his mind is his greatest asset. Furthermore, Kevin always sees the glass as half-empty and often cracked and dirty. Despite that, he has a droll, dry sense of humor. He is Karnak, a martial artist who hasn’t been exposed to the Terrigen Mist. We can expect that he will be the show's (inhu)man with a plan.

Karnak (Comic Vine) Karnak (Comic Vine)

Then comes Grady, who has serious impulse control issues and who loves life and lives in the moment, no matter how good or bad that moment is. According to the Hashtag Show, this is Gorgon, another member of the Royal Family of Inhumans.

Gorgon (Geeks Out) Gorgon (Geeks Out)

Christine comes next. She's impetuous and independent and deeply devoted to her family. She's young, so she still hasn't learned the ways of the world. The Hashtag Show says that Christine is in fact Crystal, Medusa’s younger sister, and also one of the more powerful Inhumans of the Royal Family (she can manipulate the four basic elements).

Crystal (Comic Vine) Crystal (Comic Vine)

Lastly, there is Timothy. Bringing Timothy to life requires special effects and makeup. He is described as being supremely athletic, calm under pressure, and willing to do anything to get the job done. He is Triton, Black Bolt’s cousin.

Triton (Comic Vine) Triton (Comic Vine)

You can check out the full breakdown below:

The Inhumans will start airing this September on ABC.