The Flash's Future: Unclear

Aquaman is filming, and Wonder Woman appears to be the DC Extended Universe's first critical hit, so it appears that Warner Bros. may have finally found the recipe for a good comic book movie (even without the Batman). But appearances can deceive. We still don’t know what will happen beyond the King of Atlantis' first solo adventure.

Warner Bros. announced its slate of DC movies in 2014, with The Flash slated to follow Justice League in March 2018. However, the film's production encountered a hiccup when screenwriter/director Seth Grahame-Smith dropped out. For a while after that, everything appeared normal, with new director Rick Famuyiwa launching production and casting some main characters. But Famuyiwa also left, due to creative differences with the studio.

Ezra Miller in Justice League (Collider)

Now, The Flash seems to be lost, and some recent news has us wondering whether the movie will ever be made. During promotion for Alien: Covenant, Billy Crudup (Dr. Manhattan in Watchmen and Henry Allen in the upcoming Justice League) was asked if he knew when The Flash would start filming. He responded that the answer was unclear.

While the biggest issue seems to be that the studio hasn’t found a new director, the actor said that star Ezra Miller's schedule is so busy that he doesn’t really have the time for such an extensive project:

I don’t. It’s unclear at the moment. I think, Ezra’s schedule…Ezra’s a busy man, he’s very popular and excellent (via Screen Rant).

Miller is set to reprise his role in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2, which means that his schedule for 2017 is full, especially since he’ll also be promoting Justice League. Even if he doesn’t have any other movies coming up in the coming years, the fact that Warner Bros. hasn’t announced a release date for The Flash makes us wonder whether he'll wait for the studio or fill that schedule with other roles.

Ezra Miller in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (FBAWTFT)

We feel that this isn’t good news at all.