The Defenders: First Trailer Released

Iron Fist may have disappointed, and Luke Cage may have gone downhill after Cottonmouth's death, but The Defenders is apparently the best of the Marvel/Netflix offerings. With the exception of the Punisher, everybody seems to be present: the blind ninja, the bulletproof man, the man with the glowing fist, and whatever Jessica Jones is.

With Sigourney Weaver as the main antagonist and Elektra as her weapon of choice, how can we not be hyped for this project?

Elektra (Netflix)

The first teaser trailer for The Defenders was released today. It hints at the resurrection of Elektra, who was dead the last time we saw her. The Hand had stolen her body with the intention of turning her into the Black Sky. Check it out below!

And now we have the main course! The first full trailer for The Defenders appeared online a couple of hours after the teaser was released. It appears that Jessica Jones has a more central role than anyone expected, with Daredevil, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage playing second fiddle. The trailer is full of quips and action, and reveals Sigourney Weaver's character for the first time.

Check it out below!

Of course, Luke Cage and Iron Fist must fight one another. Maybe this is trope should disappear, but it all seems exciting, and we can't wait until the show is released. Stick is back, as he should be, and so is Misty Knight. Elektra looks more powerful than ever (she's not just a simple fighter any longer), and she seems to be a real threat to the united heroes.

Cool shot (Netflix)

The Defenders will be released on the 18th of August.