The Batman: Director Teases Serkis’ Involvement

The Batman reboot has been kept under wraps, but every now and then a new piece of information or a new tease will cause excitement among fans. The Batman may be struggling with the most troublesome production of all of the DC Extended Universe movies (with The Flash coming in a close second), but Matt Reeves is most certainly a positive influence.

Most recently, The Dawn of the Planet of the Apes director teased another possible big name actor for The Batman. So far, only a couple of actors have been confirmed, such as Joe Manganiello as the villainous Deathstroke. Jared Leto teased an appearance, as well, posting a pic of The Joker and The Batman on his social media account.

Andy Serkis (Independent)

A Twitter fan asked Reeves whether he would consider Andy Serkis (with whom he collaborated on two Planet of the Apes movies) for a role in the upcoming reboot of the Dark Knight franchise. Reeves didn’t give a straight yes or no answer, but he did praise the actor’s skills:


Reeves co-opted War of the Planet of the Apes producer Dylan Clark for The Batman, so the probability of Reeves directing Serkis once again in his Dark Knight movies is actually pretty high. But, although Serkis is an amazing actor, with famous motion-capture roles under his belt, we shouldn't take this tweet as any sort of confirmation.

The Batman (Movie Web)

What do you think? Should Andy Serkis have a role in The Batman? If so, what role should it be?