The Batman: Characters for Andy Serkis


Clayface (Death Battle)

Serkis has been highly successful in motion-capture roles, so it's safe to say that Matt Reeves might have a similar role in mind for the Planet of the Apes actor. Clayface should be everyone's first guess. His appearance and shape-shifting ability would make him a formidable antagonist for the Batman.

Of course, Jared Leto has teased that he'll make an appearance, so we don't see Clayface as a main villain for The Batman. However, when Ben Affleck was still director, it was said that the movie would feature multiple villains from Batman’s rogues gallery, so Clayface would be a must!

There have been quite a few versions of this villain over the years, including a female. But we’d suggest the first Basil Karlo or Cassius "Clay" Payne. We're more inclined toward the latter, given his ability to create Claythings.

So far, Clayface hasn't appeared on the big screen. Maybe Andy Serkis should have this honor, even it's just a secondary role.