Spider-Verse in the MCU? These are the Characters to Bring It

Over the past few weeks, this rumor has been all over the web: Sony and Marvel are planning a Spider-Man universe within the MCU. In other words, the studios want to make the most of the web-crawler, his supporting characters, and his rogues gallery. And this sounds awesome to me, even though I have no idea how they’ll manage to do it. Maybe Doctor Strange will usher in the idea of a multiverse, and the studios will build on that? I don’t know.

What is certain, though, is that this is an opportunity for Marvel to fully cash in on one of the most well-known superheroes. Furthermore, it would basically mean a secondary MCU, centered on Spider-Man. Which means more movies, and more money at the box office.

And it all started with a Hollywood Reporter interview with Tom Rothman (movie chief at Sony), who said that this is the plan: a Spider-Man universe. Was it all just an ungrounded tease? Maybe so. That’s why this is just a rumor. But anyway, for this to happen, the following characters will need to appear.

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