Logan Marshall-Green’s Spider-Man: Homecoming Role Revealed

It seems like ages ago, but back when the news dropped that Logan Marshall-Green had been cast in Spider-Man: Homecoming, everybody assumed that he would play a villainous role. During the first trailer, this assumption proved to be correct. The Prometheus actor's character is indeed a villain who works with Michael Keaton’s Vulture. So, naturally, this led to speculation about which classic Marvel villain Logan Marshall-Green would bring to life.

We already knew that Bokeem Woodbine was set to portray Herman Schultz, aka the Shocker. But in the trailers, we saw Logan Marshall-Green using technology that was similar to that used by the aforementioned villains. So what gives? Are there going to be two Shockers in Spider-Man: Homecoming?

Logan Marshall-Green (Variety)

MCU Exchange reports that Logan Marshall-Green's character will indeed work as part of Adrian Toomes' clean-up crew. It turns out that his character is Jackson “Montana” Brice, a comic book character who was a member of the villainous Enforcers, who have clashed with Spider-Man on multiple occasions.

Could this be a hint of what's to come in the sequels? Not necessarily.

Here's another fact that's worthy of mention: In The Spectacular Spider-Man animated series, Jackson “Montana” Brice became the Shocker after the web-crawler defeated his team of Enforcers. So saying that Jackson “Montana” Brice will become the Shocker after Herman Schultz’s defeat isn’t too big a stretch.

Of course, when this will happen remains to be seen. Most likely, Woodbine’s Shocker will be defeated in the beginning of the film. With Marshall-Green’s character working for the Vulture, it makes sense for Toomes to use the Shocker technology to enhance his own men.

Enforcers (Marvel Wikia)

Spider-Man: Homecoming will be released on the 7th of July.