Spider-Man: Homecoming is the Second-Biggest Spidey Movie Worldwide!

Spider-Man: Homecoming holds the second-highest approval rating of all of the Spider-Man movies on Rotten Tomatoes. That may be old news at this point, but here's something new: Homecoming is also the second-biggest Spider-Man movie at the worldwide box office.

Thanks to its successful debut in China this weekend, the Jon Watts flick sailed right past the first installment of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man Trilogy ($821.7 million) to rank second among all of the Spidey movies in terms of worldwide gross. According to Box Office Mojo, the estimated $70.8 million Chinese opening weekend increased Spider-Man: Homecoming's global box office total to $823 million. Raimi’s third installment leads the pack with a lifetime gross of $890.9 million.

No Spider-Man movie has achieved such a roaring success in its opening weekend in China. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was the most successful, with a $46.45 million debut that led to a total of $94.43 million in that region.

Spider-Man: Homecoming has sailed past Wonder Woman too at worldwide box office! Spider-Man: Homecoming's worldwide take also sailed past Wonder Woman's! (Photo Credit - Warner Bros.)

The $823 million haul also means that Homecoming has surpassed Wonder Woman's $816.3 million at the worldwide box office. However, it doesn't look as though Homecoming's current $327.7 million will ever beat Wonder Woman's domestic numbers.

The Patty Jenkins flick earned an estimated $662 thousand in its fifteenth weekend, boosting its domestic total to $410.5 million. That's enough to place Wonder Woman in fifth place among North America's highest-earning superhero movies. Iron Man 3 held that spot up until now, with a $409.01 million gross.

The Avengers ($623.36 million), The Dark Knight ($534.86 million), Avengers: Age of Ultron ($459.01 million), and The Dark Knight Rises ($448.14 million) make up the Top Four, and the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe release sits at Number Fifteen.

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