Silver and Black: New Details Revealed about the Team-Up!

Maybe no one believed that Sony still had plans for a SpiderVerse, but then the studio announced its Venom and Silver and Black movies. Subsequent interviews with the execs detailed plans that also included spin-offs featuring Mysterio and Kraven the Hunter. Of course, it may be hard to believe even now, a couple of months before Venom starts shooting, but things are moving forward.

Quite a few Silver and Black-related rumors have popped up online. One such rumor even said that Sony intends to build an all-female superhero team. However, these are just rumors, and they often contradict one another.

Silver and Black (Comic Vine)

The latest piece of information about Silver and Black comes via That Hashtag Show, which had already revealed that Silver Sable would be working as a bounty hunter for the Justice Department. According to the website, Silver Sable goes after Black Cat after the latter steals an enhancing artifact from villain Mendel Stromm/Gaunt. Sable chases Black Cat in hopes of ultimately getting to Gaunt, and the two eventually unite against their common foe with the aid of Scorpion and Tarantula.

The website further reported that Silver Sable is the film's main character, and Black Cat is a secondary character. According to THS, Sony has already begun its search for actresses in their mid-twenties for the lead roles.

Of course, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt, given the general lines of the plot as described in the report. It was previously rumored that Scorpion (confirmed by That Hashtag Show) is the liaison between Sony’s SpiderVerse and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Scorpion is portrayed by Michael Mando in both universes.

Scorpion (Comic Vine)

For the moment, Silver and Black has no release date.