Silver and Black: Dominic Fortune and Three More “Good Guys” Will Reportedly Appear!

Sony Pictures’ Silver and Black may lack a release date, but director Gina Prince-Bythewood hopes to shape up its cast roster soon, and get the cameras rolling by this fall. While we don't have much official information about the movie, we've heard plenty of rumors!

We recently came across a new report about five classic Spider-Man villains who will appear in the movie. And we also have details on some of the good guys, thanks to That Hashtag Show.

According to THS, those baddies aren’t the only ones who are after Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat. She has the U.S. Government on her tail, too. And the U.S. Department of Justice has employed Dominic Fortune, a notable Marvel Comics character who shares a long history with Silver Sable, to do the job.

It appears that Fortune is “less of a brigand and more of a reformed man of justice” in the movie, but we can expect to see a bit of roguishness that may be traced back to his earlier, “Han Solo-esque” days in the comics. He's likely to return in future projects, most likely in a meatier role.

Good or bad, everyone seems to be after Black Cat in Silver and Black! Good or bad, everyone in Silver and Black seems to be after Black Cat! (Photo Credit - Marvel)

DOJ agent Mark Sim, who leads the hunt for Black Cat, brings in Fortune to help. A character with the same name was introduced in comic books by Christopher Yost, who not-so-coincidentally wrote the original Silver and Black script. He was a newly evolved Nuhuman, who later took on the alias Haechi and joined New Warriors.

Fortune won't have a major role in the movie, nor will he exhibit any superhuman ability. But since Yost created both the comic book and the movie roles, we can assume that the comic book character inspired the movie version.

Sim’s DOJ squad includes two characters named Powell and Klein, and this appears to be a straight-up nod to the Wild Pack, Silver Sable’s mercenary team from the comic books. In the comics, Doug Powell was a team member, and Lorna Kleinfeldt was the manager.

Share your thoughts on the Marvel Comics characters' roles in Silver and Black, and stay tuned for the latest updates!