Shazam: The Rock Teases Fun and Optimistic DCEU

Fun is the one word that seemingly ruined Suicide Squad. After the bleak Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Warner Bros. ordered some quick reshoots and additional cuts for David Ayer’s movie – Suicide Squad ended up being a mess of a flick, with a third act nobody could make any sense of.

Why do we mention this? Because, as it appears, fun is what Warner Bros. wants its movies to be (of course, it's debatable whether the dark tone of previous films was actually the reason audiences weren't impressed). So now everybody wants to see when the DCEU will change.

While Wonder Woman’s trailer revealed a different palette of colors, and while Zack Snyder said that Justice League will show that he's learned from past mistakes, everybody knows that Shazam is actually the film that will bring the smiles. And this is especially because Dwayne The Rock Johnson is involved in making the film, in addition to playing the main antagonist Black Adam, who is in fact a child in a grown man’s body.

Shazam (Dorkadia) Shazam (Dorkadia)

Most recently, The Rock met with Henry Cavill, teasing yet again a Man of Steel/Black Adam confrontation. However, yesterday, the wrestler-turned-actor posted on Instagram saying that he met again with the powers that be in order to improve the DCEU (hinting that he can actually pull some strings). Check it out below:


Shazam producer Hiram Garcia gave a Twitter update about the same meeting, while also trying to promote the movie's hashtag:


It seems a long time until Shazam's 5th of April 2019 release date. But hopefully we won’t have to wait until then for the DCEU to be put on the right track (there are high hopes for Wonder Woman).

Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam from Shazam! by Juan H. Martinez Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam from Shazam! by Juan H. Martinez