Shazam: New Black Adam Fan Art

While we know next to nothing about the planned Shazam movie, what we do know is enough to make anybody believe that it will be kick-ass: Dwayne The Rock Johnson is set to become Black Adam, the main antagonist of the movie and, according to the actor, a proper anti-hero. Shazam is set to be released in 2019, so there is still a long way to go.

Most recently, the Rock posted a pic on his Instagram account of himself alongside Henry Cavill, DCEU’s Superman – at that moment, they were drinking as gentlemen and friends. And this was just another tease that basically said that Black Adam will indeed arrive earlier than 2019 (as The Rock himself said last summer).

BossLogic immediately released a piece of fan art, in which the winner of a confrontation is pretty clear – Superman doesn’t kneel before Zod, but he most certainly kneels before Black Adam. Given the Man of Steel’s weakness against magic, we actually understand why Black Adam will win.


This isn’t all, though – a couple of days after BossLogic released his art, with the faces of the characters obscured, another piece of fan art was released by George Evangelista, and this one doesn’t shy away from showing Dwayne The Rock Johnson’s complete transformation into Black Adam. Also, unlike the BossLogic piece, this new art uses the character's classic look rather than the one from the New 52.

So check it out below! 

Shazam is scheduled for release on the 5th of April 2019. But we do believe that Black Adam will arrive earlier, maybe in the planned Man of Steel sequel.