RUMOR: Ben Affleck to Shoot The Batman in LA!

While Ben Affleck has remained extremely coy about The Batman, the first standalone movie for his Caped Crusader, cast members Joe Manganiello and Jeremy Irons have suggested that the cameras will start rolling by spring or summer 2017. And now, Batman News has arrived with a new report on where the movie might be shot.

According to their sources, Affleck has chosen Los Angeles as a major filming location for The Batman. This is a bit surprising, considering the fact that Zack Snyder filmed the Gotham City scenes of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in Detroit. And while Christopher Nolan did film a bit of The Dark Knight Rises in LA, he spent most of his time in Bruce Wayne’s hometown of Chicago.

BOF also reports that the bulk of The Batman’s filming will take place in LA. But neither of the websites can confirm whether Affleck will be shooting mostly inside a studio or on the city’s streets. And they aren’t sure whether any filming will take place in other locations, either within or outside of the US.

Gotham City in the DCEU Gotham City in the DCEU (Photo Credit - Superhero Cafe)

We should obviously take this with a grain of salt; it's nothing more than a rumor at this point. But if there is any truth behind the reports, it would be good for us, the fans, as filming in LA would likely mean plenty of set photos and videos finding their way online.

However, we must also remember that nothing is written in stone yet, not even the movie itself. Ben Affleck has said repeatedly that he won’t make The Batman if it doesn’t come together in a way that he thinks is really great. He has promised to avoid making a mediocre movie about the iconic DC Comics superhero.

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