Robert Pattinson Has The Right Chin For Batman, Says Willem Dafoe!

Willem Dafoe has just
given a real good reason why Robert
is a good fit for the role of Batman.

Although Warner Bros. has yet to make an official announcement, we are hearing through the grapevine that Robert Pattinson is our next Caped Crusader. As expected, a section of the fandom is not happy with the casting choice and has gone on to launch multiple petitions against it at But Willem Dafoe clearly doesn’t concur with those fans.  

Speaking to Variety’s The Big Ticket podcast, the
63-year-old revealed that he approves of the potential casting of his 33-year-old
co-star from Robert EggersThe Lighthouse as Batman. When the
topic was brought up, here’s how he responded:

Sure, why not? He's
got a strong chin. That’s a part of it. Can you imagine anyone with a weak chin
ever playing Batman? I don’t think so.

You can check out the interview clip below!

Dafoe isn’t the only celebrity who has endorsed Pattinson as
the new Dark Knight. Dakota Fanning,
his former co-star from The Twilight
also admires the casting choice. Speaking to Variety at Cannes 2019,
she said:  

I think it's awesome.
I love Rob, and he's great, and he's great in whatever he does.

Robert Pattinson himself, however, has refrained from answering questions about his casting in Matt ReevesThe Batman. When journalists asked him about it in a recent press event for The Lighthouse, here’s what he had to say (via IndieWire):  

I am only answering
questions about ‘The Lighthouse.

According to ComicBook, he said to another bunch of reporters that he absolutely can't talk about the DC project at the moment. But of course, once Warner Bros. makes it official, we can expect him to be a little less secretive about it.

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