10 Fun Things We Want Spider-Man to do in Captain America: Civil War

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This week, a brilliant new trailer was released for Captain America: Civil War, and it gave audiences their first glimpse of an exciting and much-anticipated addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe – Spider-Man.

Tom Holland will portray the character in the franchise and, from the brief look we’ve had of him so far, he looks and sounds great.

In the trailer, Tony Stark has had enough of Captain America, and calls Spidey in for backup. At that point, the web-slinger appears, snatches Cap’s shield from his grasp, acrobatically lands nearby, and shyly greets all of the heroes present, “Hey, everyone.”

His new suit is clearly influenced by technology, and it does look as though the CGI isn’t quite finished. But the signs are good and we’re all hoping he makes a decent impact in the movie.

With that in mind, here are ten fun things we’d like Tom Holland’s Spider-Man to do in Captain America: Civil War.

Act like a spoiled brat at home

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will be the youngest big screen Spider-Man to date. Although Holland himself is nineteen years of age, his Peter Parker will be just fifteen – an ordinary fifteen-year-old boy who had only recently developed super-powers after being bitten by a radioactive spider.

The key words there, however, are “ordinary fifteen-year-old-boy”. We want to see him acting as such, because it’s a funny juxtaposition to the responsible superhero exploits he will be taking part in during the conflict of Captain America: Civil War and in future movies.

Hopefully, we’ll get to see him being a normal, twisty, whiny teenager in his home setting – as this would also make a refreshing change to the typical Marvel Cinematic Universe superheroes we’ve seen to date.

And now for some action.

Take on some street thugs

Surely, the Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man’s first action can’t be getting thrown in among the likes of Iron Man, Captain America, Vision and Scarlet Witch?

We already know that this version of the character has been active as a hero for a year or so – the people behind the movie told us that months ago – so he has obviously been fighting crime on the streets of New York in that time. We’d really like to see that when he first appears in this movie.

It would be a great opportunity to see and hear how Tom Holland’s character deals with such situations. All of the Spider-Man versions are witty and like to talk – we’d love to see him hilariously abusing some street thugs prior to being recruited by Tony Stark to join the titular Civil War.

It won’t all be easy for him in this movie though.

Mess up

This Spider-Man is young, inexperienced and totally unfamiliar with an environment involving other super-powered individuals, so throwing him in with the Avengers is bound to result in some mistakes – and that’s something we’d actually like to see.

It would be unrealistic to expect him to put in a flawless performance against so many seasoned heroes, and messing up – even if it’s in a big way – will help the character develop in future movies.

We don’t necessarily want him to make a mistake that ends up with someone dying – that’s not going to be good for the character at all – but have him experience what it’s like to make an error for the good of his character. He might even make a joke out of it.

And now for something a bit more specific.

Pull Hawkeye’s arrows out of mid-air

It’s becoming something of a joke in the Marvel Cinematic Universe about how Hawkeye, aka Clint Barton, is somewhat outclassed by the characters around him in terms of his power levels. The one thing that gives him a chance against them? His varied array of arrows.

So what if – not for the first time; remember Quicksilver? – Spider-Man used his webbing to pluck one of those arrows out of the air in mid-flight?

It would make for a humorous moment, in which Jeremy Renner’s character would undoubtedly react hilariously and Spider-Man would undoubtedly come out with a witty comment to accompany the move.

And now for another specific action we’d like to see.

Catch Ant-Man in his web

What do spiders do to survive? They eat insects and bugs. How do they catch them? Generally by setting a trap with their webs that said insects and bugs will inadvertently fly into.

So, wouldn’t it be funny if Tom Holland’s Spider-Man was to catch Ant-Man in his webbing during a fight scene in Captain America: Civil War?

Whether it was in a giant web when Ant-Man was in his normal (or, potentially, giant) form or whether it’s in a tiny web when he’s flying around on an ant, it would be hilarious to see it happen and Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang reacting to it would obviously be hilarious.

And that’s not all we’d like to see Spider-Man do to Ant-Man.

Shut Ant-Man up with webbing

Hopefully, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is going to be funny and a talker. The only Captain America: Civil War character who has been all about the funny to date in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man – so any dialogue between the pair should be great.

That being said, one thing Spider-Man always tends to do in his movies is use his webbing to shut people up – by firing it at their mouths – and it would be great to see that happening to Ant-Man.

Imagine him uttering some very “unsuperhero-esque” nonsense, as he did on the roof of the Avengers headquarters in his own movie, only for a web to shut his mouth. It would be funny to hear someone thank Spider-Man for doing so!

He has to be made to look really cool and formidable at some point too, so on we go.

Get a hit in on everyone

In the recent trailer, Spider-Man appears out of nowhere, snatches Captain America’s shield out of his grasp, lands coolly nearby and says “hey everyone” to the heroes who are present – at that point, we have to imagine he goes on to have an action scene.

What we really want to see is him taking Team Captain America totally by surprise, using his speed and agility to outmaneuver them all and land a hit on every single one of them. It would be absolutely awesome, for example, to see all of them webbed up by the young newcomer.

This is Spider-Man we’re talking about. He simply MUST make a big impact in this movie – even if it’s only briefly – and that would be a fantastic way for him to do it.

And now for something that’s to be expected of every teenage boy.

Be attracted to Black Widow

Scarlett Johansson is gorgeous. Of that there is no doubt. Consequently, she’s turned Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow, into a sex symbol – and she’s bound to catch the attention of a teenage newcomer to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Romanoff and Peter Parker have been romantically linked in the comic books and, while it would be too weird for that to happen in the movies, given the age difference, it would be a cool nod to the comics for Parker to find her attractive.

Moreover, it could potentially provide a funny moment if he is distracted from his work as Spider-Man by the sight of her derrière in those famous leather trousers!

And now for something that has never really happened before in the MCU.

Out-talk Tony Stark

Robert Downey, Jr.’s Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, is the current flagship star of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a franchise. There are many reasons for that, one of which is definitely his razor sharp wit – which he often vocalizes to humorous effect.

Spider-Man is, of course, known in the comic books – and indeed in past movie appearances – for being a smart-talker who likes to put his opponents down and, although he and Stark will be on the same team in Captain America: Civil War, it would be good to see him out-talking the armored hero.

Stark’s “Underoos” comment in the recent trailer probably won’t go by without a witty reply. And we can’t wait to see what other verbals Spidey has in store for Stark.

And now for what we’re all hoping to see.

Wear the Iron Spider suit

Come on! Even though it wasn’t particularly popular when it made an appearance in the comic books, the one thing every Spider-Man fan would love to see in Captain America: Civil War is Spider-Man wearing the Iron Spider armor.

It would totally differentiate him from anything seen in a Spider-Man movie before and, frankly, it would look absolutely awesome in live action. Just imagine a CGI version of the armor in the picture above!

Have Tony Stark dress his prodigy in some Stark gear – potentially with the intention of controlling him, as he did in the comic books – and then have Spidey turn on him and have the pair fight briefly. It would be absolutely awesome to see.

And that’s that!

What do you think? Do you want to see any of this from Spider-Man? What else would you like to see from Tom Holland’s character? Have your say below!

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