It's Official: ABC Cancels Marvel's Inhumans!

Marvel’s Inhumans. ABC has officially cancelled the show.

We'd heard for years that Marvel Studios had an Inhumans movie in the works. According to the original plan, the movie would have landed in theaters on November 2, 2018, but the studio pushed back the date. Then they scrapped the entire project in favor of Marvel Television's proposed IMAX co-produced ABC-TV series about the superhuman race.

While fans were disappointed that the movie wasn't going to happen, they were looking forward to seeing the TV show. But their anticipation seemed to fade with each passing day, starting with their first look at the Inhuman Royal Family, who looked as though they were engaging in some second-rate cosplay. The bland trailers didn't help matters.

On top of all that, Inhumans didn’t fare too well with critics. It even failed to score over 10 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. The audience lost interest, as well, and viewership steadily declined as the season wore on. But some fans still believed that the Attilanians would have a second season, especially after Marvel’s Iron Fist was picked up for another season on Netflix, even with its lackluster 18 percent RT approval rating.

The Royal Family in Marvel's Inhumans The Inhumans Royal Family (Photo Credit - Marvel)

The web was buzzing with rumors about the show being cancelled before the inaugural season had run its course. The network admitted that the show had failed live up to their expectations, but held back when it came to officially ending it. However, they finally made the official announcement that the show wouldn't return for another season.

Marvel's other ABC show, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., may also be on the chopping block. Its fifth season is about to wrap, but it hasn't been renewed. Rumor has it that an official announcement will be made very soon.

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